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6 months – 4 years (48 months)

The Magic Toy Bag

To all the eco-conscious parents, we have a solution for you!  This eliminates the stress and time-consuming research that goes into finding quality, age appropriate and educational toys for your little ones. 

  • Uncluttered house and reduced environmental footprint
  • Quality, age appropriate toys every 4 weeks
  • Educational toys hand picked by a qualified kindergarten teacher
  • Fresh stimulation, to keep your child interested, happy and promote self-learning.
  • Engage in fun sensory play by developing important motor skills
  • ‘Tried and true’ goodies that have positive feedback from parents

Why play?

‘Play is a huge part of a child’s development, and they need encouragement to explore the world around them.  Play is their self-actualisation, a holistic exploration of who and what they are and know and of who and what they might become’ (Broadhead 2004, p.89).  The learning progression of a child can be enhanced by the availability of quality toys, with easy accessibility of the resources to create a sense of familiarity.  As children grow, they are exposed to different play, based on their context, and engage in more complicated play activities to build on coordinating more complex movements.   

3 Bags for
3 Months



/per 3 months

6 Bags for
6 Months



/per 6 months