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About Us

The learning progression of a child can be enhanced by the availability of quality toys, with easy accessibility of the resources to create a sense of familiarity.  As children grow, they are exposed to different play, based on their context, and engage in more complicated play activities to build on coordinating more complex movements.

Sensory board with baby

Hello and welcome!

About Niki

Hello and welcome! My name is Niki and I am a trained Early Years educator living in Switzerland with my husband, three cats and our little boy Magnus. I am a teacher at a local kindergarten, which gives me ongoing experience as I inspire learning through play and continue to gain understanding of the needs and interests of the children at their various ages.  One Little Step is a small family business and was created during COVID 19, while I was trying to inspire my students at home from behind a computer.  I found it difficult to create an environment conducive to exploration and maintained interest from my 3-year olds.  I thought about different ways to incorporate everyday items around the house as educational tools.  That will allow children the time and space to explore everyday objects, that will create a level of repetition and inspire creativity and problem solving.  

During this time, my close friend had a 6-month-old little boy and I saw her frustration trying to find activities that would create curiosity and stimulation for a few moments of the day to break up the daily routine.  She struggled with the options offered locally and spending exhausting hours researching was not an option.  I have created a monthly bag that will be delivered to your door, it has everything you need to create interesting activities from the comfort of your home.  In addition to this, is the number of toys that everyone has lying around that only get used for a few weeks and are then forgotten.  I am a ‘save the world’ advocate and continue to work on my family’s environmental footprint, where we try to make good choices daily, recycle, reuse and refuse. Every month you will exchange the previous months toys with the new bag thus reducing your environmental footprint.  I am also frequently asked by the parents at school: ‘What toys are appropriate and educational for my son?’ or ‘What activities should I do with my child at home?’ Our bags are filled with carefully selected toys handpicked for your child’s age group.  The magic toy bags provide parents with the opportunity to inspire play at home and support their little ones development at an affordable price while keeping their house de-cluttered and ticking the box ‘I am doing something good for my child’s future in this world’.  Our product is like having a qualified teacher pop in for a cup of tea every month and bringing with them a new bag of goodies that will engage and inspire your child.

Thank you to all of you who support me, for your purchases, recommendations, shares, and reviews.  I am forever grateful.

All the best to you and your family

Age 6 months – 4 years old (48 months)

The Magic Toy Box

Why choose ‘The Magic Toy Bag’ solution? We will send you a bag of pre-loved, and in good condition, toys and books every month with an inspiring selection of age-appropriate, gender-neutral and educational toys, the contents of the bag changes with your growing child’s interests.